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VE Healthcare Group (VHG) is a leading company in the health and wellness industry in developing countries. Our business may be categorized into three segments:
Vexxa Lifesciences
Vexxa Lifesciences branded products business: We develop, manufacture, market and sell our own brand of market leading, prescription pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals and OTC products which are mostly sold in developing countries in Southeast Asia and a growing reach in Africa. Currently present in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Philippines.
VE Pharma
VE Pharma marketing and distribution business: We market, sell and distribute various branded prescription pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals and OTC products. We operate our VE Pharma marketing and distribution business in six countries, namely, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Thailand . Our clients for this business segment include leading international pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.
VE Investments
VE Investment Division. Investments in healthcare related companies including clinics, hospitals, products, services, and innovative solutions.

CEO Message

VE Healthcare was founded in 1994 with the precision to become a leading marketing and distribution company for the Asian Healthcare industry, with the vision to enable every person the right to access advanced and innovative medical treatments. In 2015, VE embarked on creating its own brand of high quality, affordable critical care pharmaceutical products under the brand Vexxa Lifesciences. In a short span of time Vexxa has been able to expand across Asia and has positively impacted the lives of millions. VE Healthcare has recently embarked on investing across the healthcare industry in various innovative products and services.
Through our commitment of building relationships based on trust, tradition, transparency, and professionalism, the group has risen to be amongst a leader in its countries of operations. We ensure long-term success and presence for all our principles, our own brands and the products and services we invest in.
I look forward to VE’s bright future and constant evolvement within the healthcare space.
-Vishal Kedia
(Group CEO)

Our History

Establishment of VE operations in Cambodia.
Establishment of VE operations in Laos.
Establishment of VE operations in Vietnam and Thailand.
Establishment of Vexxa Lifesciences.
Establishment of VE operations in Philippines. Establishment of VE operations in Sri Lanka.
Vexxa Lifesciences starts selling products in Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka.
VE operations in Thailand makes an investment in a healthcare facility located in Thailand.

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